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TVP for Resellers

TVP offers resellers and IVES Participants a utility to install that collects lender 4506-T orders and provides fast and easy processing and submissions to the IRS web site.  Once installed, TVP helps you prepare 4506-Ts more effectively, automates the error correction and form-filling process for you, then uploads your 4506-T’s in batches so you get them returned to you faster.  TVP notifies you when the files have returned, and automatically sends them back to your lender client via the TVP web site.

The more control you have over your 4506-Ts, the more protection you get, and the faster you get completed transcripts back to your lenders.

Key Points

  • Get the consumer’s signature electronically
  • Automatically stamp your company information onto the 4506-T
  • Annotate, edit, and update the PDF quickly
  • “Stuck” IRS orders can be easily corrected and re-submitted
  • Mark files to be uploaded to the IRS and send them in batches
  • Full integration to the IRS
  • LOS interfaces transfer 4506-T data seamlessly with no rekeying of data
  • Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty authorized so lenders get rep and warrant relief on all orders