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About Tax Verification Provider and SharperLending LLC

Tax Verification Provider (TVP) is an automated borrower tax return verification tool provided by mortgage technology provider SharperLending LLC.  SharperLending has over 30 years of experience providing mortgage lending, consumer lending, and credit reporting solutions to banks, mortgage banks, and credit unions nationwide.

SharperLending LLC is a financial services and mortgage technology provider that focuses on supporting local relationships and communities.  Our company was founded in 1989 and is located in Spokane, Washington State.  Since 1989, our mission has been to provide technology solutions that allow community businesses to compete on a national level, to stay connected with local vendors for the best service, quality and pricing, and deliver the best mortgage service to their customers.

SharperLending LLC offers four flagship products with a number of ancillary products and services: Appraisal solutions through our Appraisal Firewall product, credit reporting technology through our XpertOnline product, 4506/income verification technology through our Tax Verification Provider (TVP) product, and a technology platform that enables access to all of our products plus products from other mortgage technology providers through our EPN bundled services platform product. And now, we are proudly offering ReadyQual.  Many of our products are available through a reseller channel, while some are offered direct to lenders.