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TVP for Lenders

Fraud protection. Increased efficiency for your loan pipelines. Paperwork reduction. These are just a few of the benefits lenders get when ordering 4506-T requests with the Tax Verification Provider (TVP) software. TVP automates the process of completing the 4506-T form and verifying a borrower’s income with the IRS for mortgage loans.

We understand the IRS income verification process better than most. Once an order is placed, we process and submit the file to the IRS, then quickly and securely deliver completed transcripts back to you. You can track and manage the status of your order. Email notifications let you know the order progress as it moves toward completion.

Day 1 Certainty Information

TVP is a Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty authorized validation service system so you can be covered with rep and warrant relief whenever you order a 4506-T request via TVP.

Key Points

  • Get More Control Over Borrower Income Verification
  • Decrease Your Paperwork and Increase Your Turn Times
  • Track and Manage Your Orders
  • Enterprise-Level Company and User Management
  • Day 1 Certainty authorized validation service provider

Technical Description and Product Features

TVP is a secure, web-based technology platform for mortgage loans that lenders can use to place their 4506-T requests.  Lenders use TVP to verify a consumer’s income stated on their W-2 matches what is on file at the IRS on every applicant to reduce the potential for fraudulent overstatements of income.

TVP is a complete, enterprise-level system that allows lenders to setup their company, branches of their company, and processor-type users across all companies to order 4506-T requests and get back consumer tax transcripts.

Two types of users can be added to let you bring your corporate structure into TVP: Administrator-type users and Processor-type users.  Administrators oversee all orders across all users, where processors can only see the orders that they place.  Administrators can setup additional branch companies, setup users under branches, and track and manage orders for everyone in their purview.  This is especially helpful when there are issues with orders, as there are multiple sets of eyes ensuring that files are returned as quickly as possible.  Most files take 24-48 hours to return from the IRS with the requested tax transcripts.

  • Full company and user management system
  • Quickly order 4506-T requests and receive complete borrower tax transcripts
  • Automatic email notifications as file progresses toward completion
  • Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty authorized
  • Numerous LOS interfaces
  • Electronic signature for borrowers virtually eliminates any paperwork