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Fannie Mae Day 1 CertaintyTM Eligibility for Lenders Using SharperLending TVP Software

SharperLending’s TVP platform is an authorized provider of 4506-T tax transcripts for Fannie Mae’s Desktop UnderwriterTM (DUTM) validation service.  Mortgage lenders can reissue completed consumer tax transcripts from TVP into DU and get freedom from reps and warranties from Fannie Mae on validated loan components.  Watch the video to learn more.

As a DU validation service provider, SharperLending’s TVP platform increases lender pipeline efficiency by providing Fannie Mae with actionable loan data instantly.

Mortgage Lenders

Mortgage lenders who opt in to Day 1 Certainty are eligible for rep and warrant relief from Fannie Mae on loan components that were validated using SharperLending’s TVP technology.


Resellers can help their lender clients get access to Fannie Mae’s rep and warrant relief through the TVP platform.

4506-T Technology Providers

4506-T technology providers can bypass extensive due diligence processes and utilize the SharperLending TVP interface technology to help validate loan components.

Here is a list of current SharperLending Affiliates that are offering their lenders rep and warrant relief with the SharperLending Fannie Mae Day 1 Certainty connection to their lenders.

(573) 893-7500

(864) 622-5105

(800) 304-1249

(805) 584-3196

(623) 889-8999

(601) 693-6010

(901) 685-7599

(855) 714-7171

(800) 647-1190

(714) 500-3264

(800) 925-6691

(713) 460-3300

(800) 456-9679

(217) 744-4006

(800) 955-5238

(800) 340-2009