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SharperLending Announces Release of Brand New Prequalification Product for Resellers:


Prequalified Borrowers.  No Disclosures.

ReadyQual is the newest consumer credit solution from SharperLending.  ReadyQual is an easy consumer prequalification tool for your lenders to put on their web sites.  It helps your clients prequalify more consumers with soft inquiry credit reports and without the need for TRID or FCRA disclosures.  The best part?  It increases your credit volume.

ReadyQual only requires name and address, so it moves consumers quickly through the process.  It is designed to target the millennial generation who does a majority of their research and work online instead of face-to-face, the goal of which is to then push instantly-prequalified consumers into full loan applications.

You can fully private label ReadyQual with your brand name, your logo, your colors, and you website URL.  We will even create a private labeled marketing video just for you that you can present to your clients.

Contact us today to learn more, and to get started: [email protected], or (800)452-1174 ext 1301.

Technical Description and Product Features
ReadyQual is a simple-to-use, smart web page that you can generate for your clients.  They can place the page on their web site to turn consumers into borrowers.  When used by consumers, it orders and delivers a single-bureau ExperianTM credit report with a newly-assigned Experian code that you will get from XPN.  A soft inquiry is posted to the bureau so the consumer score will not be impacted.  The returned credit report cannot be used as an application for credit, meaning that the lender will need to order a full hard-inquiry report when they have the consumer actually fill out a full loan application.  The benefit is that the disclosures that the lender normally would need to get to a borrower on a credit pull (Risk Based Pricing notice, Declination letter) are not required.

  • Turn Consumers into Borrowers Instantly with Names Texted to Your Device
    When consumers use ReadyQual, your clients’ staff instantly receives a text message, letting them know that they have a lead to reach out to.  Upon consumer consent, Loan Officers know the consumer name, address, email and phone number immediately.  In this high-touch world of text messaging, nothing shows millennial consumers quality service like instant responses.  ReadyQual can be fully private labeled with your brand, or your lenders’ brand.  Lenders can create individual LO pages as well.
  • ReadyQual Management Console
    You and your clients have access to a fully-equipped management console to setup and configure the criteria exactly how you want.  The ReadyQual management console allows you to give authorized clients access to ReadyQual.  Clients can configure their own consumer-facing pages with custom products, automated decisioning, borrower messaging, and more.
  • Private Branded Web Links
    ReadyQual delivers customized web links to you and your clients per user, allowing Loan Officers to present their products and services directly to consumers.  LOs can promote their sales efforts further by putting the links to their ReadyQual page on local business web sites such as car dealerships, home improvement centers, realtors, and more.
  • Setup the XpertOnline-ReadyQual Connection in XOP
    All ReadyQual transactions are tracked and managed in XpertOnline as new reference numbers.  You can use XOP to enable the credit report connection, to manage all transactions, and to bill your clients.  Follow these instructions to get your codes, and to setup XOP.