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Tax Verification Provider (TVP) automates the process of verifying a borrower’s income with the IRS for mortgage loans.  Fraud detection, increased efficiency for loan pipelines, and paperwork reduction are just a few of the benefits lenders get when ordering and processing 4506-Ts with TVP.

Plus, TVP is pre-approved for the Day 1 Certainty program, meaning that lenders can soon get rep and warrant relief when they place their 4506-T orders through TVP.


When your income verification process gets scattered between manual and automated work, control goes out the window.  TVP is a web-based enterprise-level technology solution that has connections to LOS’s, electronic signature options, a full IVES participant processing connection, and connections to the IRS.  Plus, a full tracking and management system helps you know where your orders are all the time. More control equals more protection and more efficiency.
The automation that lenders get with TVP reduces processing times, virtually eliminates the potential for human error, and helps your orders stay on track.  We eliminate manual work so that you can get your completed transcripts returned to you faster. Verifying that a borrower’s W-2 matches with their stated income on their tax return shouldn’t hold up your loan.  TVP is unmatched in speed and versatility.
Always know where your orders are in the process with TVP’s dashboard that pinpoints each order and how far away it is from completion.  Orders that need special attention are highlighted on-screen so you know what work is most pressing.  Sort, rearrange columns, and quickly search orders to find exactly what you are looking for.
TVP provides complete company and user management functionality.  Lenders can create their corporate structure, and oversee branches and processors that place 4506-T orders.  Additionally, TVP conforms to all IRS security requirements for company and user management, password management, and IP restrictions.
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TVP offers a lightweight web-based program to quickly process your clients 4506-T forms and submit them to the IRS.  The system receives and processes lender 4506-T orders, assists in submitting the 4506-T, monitors the IRS’s site, and lets you deliver completed files to your clients. You can electronically annotate the 4506-T requests your clients send, as well as get e-signatures from borrowers.
A full 4506-T order status and tracking system is at your fingertips when resellers use the TVP processing system. The dashboard keeps track of all orders in all statuses – no matter if they are new, waiting for an e-signature, waiting for delivery from the IRS, or need your attention – so you know exactly when your clients will get their transcripts back.
Since the TVP system is included in the Day 1 Certainty program, any IVES participants that resell the system to their clients can get the benefit of being Day 1 Certainty approved for their clients!  Offer rep and warrant relief to your clients on any 4506-T requests ordered from you through the system.  Take advantage of the work we have done by being a reseller of TVP!
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